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Are you a creative soul struggling to make ends meet? Maybe you are already a freelancer, but your clients undervalue you? Or possibly your 9-to-5 job doesn't fulfill you? This ebook helps you with all of that and some more.

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Why this ebook?

We have already entered into a world stage where remote work is contributing to a significant part of our economy. There are countless tools and skills to be learned, where one might surely become overloaded with information on how to become a freelancer.

But very few resources point out to the missing ingredient—creating a freelance mindset. And this is the very reason why this book was written. It is packed with numerous bits of advice from my fourteen years of experience as a freelancer. I reveal everything I've learned to help you discern your worth in the marketplace and make you vigilant when it comes to monetizing your passions. I share all the methodologies that have maximized my productivity and profit while keeping me sane and creative.

I've tried my best to compress everything in only 100 pages because I understand that we are all busy people. Yet, I also explain that pursuing a freelance career is something that everyone should take it at their pace. Rushing things lead to mediocre results and hamper long-term success. Because a successful freelance career is not a sprint, but a marathon. Moreover, it's a lifestyle.

You will learn to…

Build professional recognition

Because many freelancers focus too much on their work and less on marketing themselves—not a strategy for the long haul.

Find your sweet spot

Because it is plain wrong to be everything for everyone and never focus on the specific projects and clients you want to work.

Learn to talk like a pro

Because the first impression counts. Many freelancers talk about their tools and skills rather than the client's problems.

Write project proposals

Because a well-written proposal sets a smooth collaboration, protects you from unwanted scope creeps or last-minute client pivots.

Make your portfolio shine

Because well-written case studies will attract ever bigger clients and bring you the recognition and authority you deserve.

Learn to measure success

Because if the success of your work is measured, it creates an empirical proof that sets the validation to charge more.

Become an authority of your work

Because authority instills trust in your clients, and trust is the currency of your brand.

Learn to charge value, not time

Because charging by the hour has a limit, and it doesn't always equate to the value and monetary impact you create to your client.

Build relationship with your clients

Because that kind of attitude strengthens trust and builds long-terms financial gains.

Give more than take

Because a genuine attitude to give, rather than take, goes a long way. Service to others brings recognition, trust, and monetary rewards.

Don't take my word for it

“Definitively a MUST for every young professional who is aspiring to succeed in todays business environment. Yes, its a book that keeps you attention until the very end, but also its a book that you keep coming back to every time when you lose a sight of the very basics on how to live and prosper as a professional. Glad to have the opportunity to explore it, discuss it and simply learn from it.”

Jasmin Musliju, Scrum master

“I can’t say enough about this book; the content is so easy to digest. I love the conversational examples and roleplays. It’s so easy and natural to learn and apply. If I need to choose one simple sentence to describe this book, I would say “this book is a path to successful freelancing.” Starting with positioning as a professional freelancer to getting clients and money talk. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in building your brand and becoming an independent professional.”

—Antonio Stojceski, designer at Alphamark

“A very easy to follow and clear-cut writing done in this book. It gives proper point-to-point guidelines on everything one might need if they are interested in beginning, or struggling with the journey that is freelance. Money not wasted on this one. Freelanceshire to you sire.”

—Borko Kostovski, freelance aspirant

“Warmly recommending this book to everyone who is making their baby steps in the freelancing career and at the same time is coping with questions which cannot be answered easily. My personal suggestion is to read this book with ease, step by step, giving yourself a chance to experience every word or situation written in the book. In one moment I got a feeling that the author is my best friend or a personal coach who is selflessly sharing all his experience and years of knowledge preparing me for the long-distance marathon; because freelancing is not just a quest for quick financial rewards, but a journey of will power and readiness to overcome blockages which prevents success.”

—Lazar Stevanovik, freelance aspirant

“If I had something like this 15 years ago, it would‘ve been much easier to begin my freelance career.”

—Darko Bozhinovski, badass developer

Table of contents

  • Introduction
  • Who Is This Book For
  • How to Read This Book?
  • Part 1: Exposure
  • Build Recognition
  • Find Your Sweet Spot
  • Reach out to Prospects
  • Part 2: Work
  • The Kick-Off Meeting
  • Write a Project Proposal
  • Read NDAs Thoroughly
  • Define Channels of Communication
  • Organizing Chaos
  • Part 3: Trust
  • Build Your Brand
  • Attract Bigger Clients
  • Talk About Money
  • Show Gratitude
  • Afterwords
  • Bibliography


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Who is the Author?

In case you wondered, this book is written by myself—Zlatko Najdenovski. I've been a digital designer of all sorts, journeying through my freelance path for gazillion years. Throughout that time, I've had many career ups and downs. Luckily more ups than downs, but some left and rights too. This journey taught me a lot, but also created a strong urge to express all I know in the form of a concise and practical reading material that can help fellow freelancers on their way to authority and success.